Problem with new surfaces visualisation in shaded view

I am having recently a very annoying bug. whenever I create a new surface (or after a boolean operation or split) the new surface (only that one ) loose the shader, and become transparent, with only the edges visible (not wireframe). to restore the previous situation I have to change the viz mode and back to shaded. hope it is something solvable …

hmm… switching to wireframe after certain boolean operations has been an issue in mac rhino since as long as i can remember…

but you’re saying it’s not switching? what happens if you run the command _RefreshShade after one these booleans or splits?

can you upload the model or part of the model which exhibits the behavior along with steps to repeat the error?

hey Jeff,
probably I was not clear in my post.
the issue is not about boolean, as it happen for all the new srf I create. even an easy srfpt surface, in an empty file gives me the error sometimes (sigh!).the strange thing is that is limited to the last created surface. all the rest of the model remain shaded correctly.
the routine I was using before (wire, and then back) was working most of the time, but not always.
when I tried what you suggested, with the refreshshade, it didn’t work. (tried several times, without success…it says “refresh no object”), but I discovered that probably the bug is actually related to that command. if I run it for a surface that is actually displaying correctly, it sadly corrupt it saying “one object refreshed”.
playing around it a bit, I found what actually looks like a consistent solution. it is the command “Shade”.
again, it is an extremely random bug .I would say independent from the complexity of the geometry.
I hope is not related to my graphic card.I have a macbook pro 13’ retina. I never had any issue with previous releases…
this is an image of the step I went through…

If you try the same steps using a Sphere, do you get the same results? I think this may be related to the following two bugs with Shaded mode on the Retina display: MR-1156 and MR-1161.