Problem with modelling a Glove

Glove .3dm (196.0 KB)

I would like to let the glove end in a circle but its not possible because all the edges?

do i need to start differently?

This thread might be helpful

You can dupedge of the subd, then turn on the edit points on the subd. Then you can use Flow on the edit points with the duped edge as the base curve (it’s a little tricky to select the edit points for the flow, but possible.)

Glove.3dm (270.0 KB)


It’s not necessary to carry all those edges through the model. I suggest watching some YouTube tutorials on modeling hands using SubD. You can reroute the edges to reduce the number of edges going up the arm. Here’s an example of a hand with rerouted edges. Ideally you will get this to a multiples of 4. 8/12/16 faces at the wrist. If you get to this, you can make it round quite easily by matching a polygon with the same number of sides as the number of faces you have.