Karamba3d - Problem importing sections from table


I’m evaluating Karamba as a potential tool for one our projects, and have run into a slight issue in the lack of support for PFC sections. I will not be assessing buckling directly within Karamba (aware of issue with geometric centre vs centroid), so I was planning to import the PFCs as custom sections via the “Read cross section table from file” node.

However, when I try to import the CSV file I receive an error: “1. Cross section without family name encountered.”. The template is based upon the one I exported from the existing section types and I have populated the family column, so I’m not sure why the error is thrown. I have attached the file - any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


PFCPropsEdit.csv (2.6 KB)

Hi Andrew,

your csv file has saved with “,” as the separator whereas Karamba works with “;” as the separator

Please note that [ is not a valid shape in Karamba. you would need to make it into a box section

PFCPropsEdit - Copy.csv (2.6 KB)