Downloading gha for Ivy

Hi, I am a Rhino 6 user and I am not able to download the .gha file to install Ivy. I can only download a .yak file, but it wont work in my version of rhino.

Is there a way to download the .gha file?

Thanks in advance.

The Food4Rhino page for Ivy indicates it supports V6 and V7, Win & Mac: Ivy | Food4Rhino

Any luck?

Hi John, thanks for the fast response. When I click install it downloads a .yak file, that does not run in my rhino. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi David -
You should be able to rename the .yak file to .zip and extract the necessary files from that. (Testing here on Mac doesn’t let me download the .yak file…)

It worked!!

Thank you :smiley: