Problem with GH_python_remote

I have a problem with GH_python_remote, it is red.
So, I have to do something with paths?

Do you know how to link to anaconda so I can use all the packages downloaded with Anaconda?

Did you happen to download the UserManual when you downloaded GH_Python_Remote?
“If everything else fails RTFM” someone said once.

Thank you for your response.
Sorry, it might be my lack of familiarity with it, but do you know what that mean or what it should do? For me, it is unclear how to that has to be happen.

I have to write down ‘conda env --name rhinoremote --python=2.7’ in the command prompt?

It is supposed to create virtual python environment. This way you can run python in the desired version and not deal with such errors.
That’s kind of all I know about it. Never had to set up a virtual environment myself. It is in my “ToLearnHowToDo” list.
I never used ghpython-remote either. :frowning:

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Okay, and thank you for your reply. Your responses are very helpful to me.

So, is someone else familiar with setting it up, the rhinoremote?

I finally understand why some programs have own command prompt’s. Still something does not work. I tried to setup an environment for rhinoremote, but I received an error.

I keep holding on what is written, because when I might take a sidetrack I install something or do something that maybe messes up my computer (low risk).

But, does somebody knows what I should do? The explaination document tells to type the command as shown ni the image above.
Unfortunately, the anaconda command prompt does not take that command.
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Have you found a way, sir?