Problem with getting model Parameters

I recently made a UI for embedding a model ( and wanted to fetch the model data like in the ShapeDiver “First steps with the API” section. Unfortunately I always get “undefined for” every data index I tried.

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It looks like your model has not data outputs, make sure you add a data component to your definition.

If you want to get the model parameters, use the api.parameters.updateAsync() function. See more in this CodePen, embedded model is below:

Hi, thank you for your reply!
I didn’t knew that no every model has the ability to get the data. I didn’t make the model and I don’t know much about grasshopper 3D models (I shall only embed the model in a website).
So this means that I can’t get the parameters of this particular model without chancing the model itself?
I would need it to update the slider values after using goBack or goForward…

Thanks again for your kind help!
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To successfully embed your model with the API access to your website, you need:

  • model ticket as shown in the CodePen above
  • set up domains for embedding.

You can then get parameters and data but the model doesn’t change on ShapeDiver. To get a better idea how the platform works, see following articles:

Keep in mind that embedding is a paid feature but you can get a free trial. Our sales team will be happy to help, contact them via the contact form at

Undoing parameter changes via API has been covered in this post:

Hi, thank you for the links!
I already embedded a model in a website (with the ticket from Luca Rua) - here’s the codepen:
It’s just a simple UI (that’s not finished at all) where I tested some functions.
The only thing I don’t really know is how to read data from the model. In this case the current diameter etc…
My “job” is just building the UI + making it functional with your API. I don’t use grasshopper or upload models myself.
If I understood right, I can’t get data about this particular model (diameter, color etc…)? Is there maybe any other way to accomplish that?
EDIT: the undo/redo thing works just fine. But the problem is, that I can’t update the slider/input fields because I don’t know how big/wide etc the model is…
Btw: Do you maybe speak German? If so, it would be a lot easier to express myself…

Thank you!
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The CodePen example in the earlier post shows you how to get model parameters and create custom UI. Have a closer look.

Examples for your model:

  • To get the value of the “Main circle size” parameter use this call:

api.parameters.get({name: "Main circle size"}).data[0].value

  • To get the colour:

api.parameters.get({name: "Colour Swatch"}).data[0].value

Other information about the model can be set in a data output. If what you need isn’t exposed in parameters or data outputs, speak to the author of the Grasshopper definition, ask for the changes, re-upload and update the ticket in your application.

If you struggle with English, I can recommend this translator:

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Hi, this was exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!

api.parameters.get({name: "Main circle size"}).data[0].value

Now I can finally resume developing!

Thanks! DeepL is a great translator which I used often for other languages.
It’s not a problem for me writing in English, but it’s hard to describe such difficult cases like this one…

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Ende gut, alles gut :wink:

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