Problem with Flowing Objects Along Surface

I’ve flowed before but this time it’s just not working right. I made these names for a ring, tapered so there is some definition between the letters. Trying to do the CreateUVCurves and then FlowAlongSrf method. But no matter where I try to click the base surface and target point, I get goofy results.

I want the broader parts of the name polysurfaces on the outside of that circular ring surface (which defines the finger size). I keep getting extremely distorted things, or the names on the inside of the surface, or when I moved the cyan base surface to the top of the names, the narrow parts end up on the finger.

What am I doing wrong here?
Please and thank you!
Zabler4634_Murphy_Rachel_NameBand 009.3dm (1.7 MB)

Hi @CarvedMetal

Use the Dir command to make sure that the direction of the surfaces match. In this case you need to flip the direction of the ring surface, so that the normals point outwards instead of inwards. In other situations you might need to also change the u or v direction.

HTH, Jakob

Edit: And here is the file :slight_smile:
Zabler4634_Murphy_Rachel_NameBand 010.3dm (2.3 MB)

Hello - what is goofy?
Here’s what I get -