Problem with extruding open surface to Solid

Hello dear community,

Now I am developing a plugin for Rhino.
I am trying to create solid body by extruding open surface. And this is where I catch a problem.

My c# code:

var brepObj = doc.Objects.GetObjectList(new ObjectEnumeratorSettings {NormalObjects = true}).First();

RhinoApp.RunScript("_ExtrudeSrf 0.15", true);

The extrude works fine from Rhino UI when I set Solid parameter to “Yes”, but I can`t figure out how to do the same in code.
Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.

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Add ExtrudeSrf description from Rhino UI. Solid - parameter that I need to set in code.

 RhinoApp.RunScript(@"_-ExtrudeSrf Solid=Yes 10", true);

^-- not working for me.

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Did you add: Rhino.Commands.CommandStyle(Style.ScriptRunner)
at the top of the document?
Because you have to tell Rhino that your command uses Runscript.

I cannot thank you enough Jordy!! :slight_smile:
Problem solved and I can continue my work.

P.S. How can I be so blind? :confused:

No problem. Glad I could be of help :slight_smile: