Problem with creating conformal octet lattice structure


I am having some problems creating an conformal infill using octet unit cell. I want to use the stl file of the model to infill instead of building the bounding surfaces manually using meshes.

The model is a hollow hemisphere with inner radius 22mm and outer radius 27mm.

After exploding the model into 3 meshes, I converted the mesh into polysurface using MeshToNurbs tool. But the conform surface to surface component was not taking these surfaces as input.

I tried pulling points from a larger hemisphere into the model and creating a surface using the grid of points. This worked for a homogenous infill with X-unit cell type but only for very small strut radius values. For octet it is not working even for strut radius as low as 0.04mm.

The image is for X-unit cell type.

Is there any other option which allows you to use stl file for conformal infill.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you! (24.7 KB)
hemi_conformal_trial_4_octet_stl.3dm (210.4 KB)