Problem with creating a lattice infill using crystallon with dendro

I am working on creating a lattice infill of a hemispherical cup as described in this topic.

As an alternative in case intralattice doesn’t work well for my project, I am looking into creating a uniform density model using crystallon and dendro to thicken the lattice. I noticed that the cell lattice fill and trim lattice options were working well but dendro is only thickening the wireframe at the surface of the model, thus making it hollow and not well connected inside the volume.

Any idea what might the problem be? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot! (396.6 KB)

Why the DUPLICATE THREAD ? Not good.

sorry, I’m new to this forum. I wanted to draw the attention to another thread of mine asking for help regarding my previous model (which used Intralattice)

Hi Ayushi.

The trim Lattice component has two outputs. One is only beams affected by the trim and the other is beams that are not affected. i made it this way so you can do other operations only on beams that are split.

You should connect both the outputs to the dendro Curve to Volume component.

Hope this Helps!

The other thread was created only 25 minutes before this one. Now you have two threads, which is more work for anyone who tries to help you…

Thank you so much for your help. After connecting the untrimmed lattice to curve to volume it worked!