Intralattice: Use Custom Defined Unit Cell


I am trying to use a user defined cell for a project. When I try to use it in Intralattice, I get an error stating that I have nonlinear struts, despite only using the line tool to make the cell. I will attach the geometry I want to use for the cell. Any help is appreciatedstrut_auxetic_rhino.3dm (28.9 KB)

You’ve probably solved it by now but all you needed was to explode your curves, since they were joined into polylines with multiple segments that counts as nonlinear struts. You also have some very small lines (<0.001") which you can find if you bake your geometry and do the SelSmall command.


Thank you for your reply! I actually hadn’t solved the issue before you commented, and it seems to work but I am trying to follow your directions and I am getting a new error in Intralattice, I am attaching a photo!. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Notice that I have flattened the input to the Custom Cell component in my screenshot. I think I had to do that or I would get an error. Try that!

where is that shown in the screenshot? how do I do that? Thanks for your patience with me

The down arrow on the custom cell input (right click the input and select flatten)

Hi, I have the same issue here, except when I flatten it doesn’t fix it, do you know why? Can the unit only be in two directions, or can the unit be three dimensional? Thanks Conformal (11.0 KB)

If you click the error message on your custom cell component and read what it says it becomes clear. “Invalid Cell - each face needs at least one node lying on it” It doesn’t work with 2D-only curves like you have. the unit cell needs to be 3D.

Right, thankyou. I have made the unit into 3D lines but I am still getting the same error and have read above and can’t work it out, just wondering if anyone knows anymore?
intralattice custom (26.2 KB)

I thought the custom cell component already did this automatically, but the problem was that your cell lines’ bounding box as a group wasn’t a cube. If you do a Box Mapping from the bounding box to a center box, then pass those lines into the Custom Cell component it works

intralattice custom (27.9 KB)

Thankyou!! I am trying to generate the lattice now with Dendro and have followed the ’ [Dendro - Curve to Volume Error Fix - Solution exception]’ work around but am still getting the same error regardless??

intralattice custom unit (32.2 KB)

When I open that file you posted it works. I’m not getting any errors or warnings.