Problem with AddText recognizing a line feed (\n)

I’ve found another difference between V5 and V6 with regard to the AddText method. It seems that V6 is ignoring \n for line feeds. Please try this example in both and you will see the difference:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
textstring = "Hello\nWorld"
point = rs.GetPoint("Select a spot")
if point:
    rs.AddText(textstring, point, 4, "Arial", 0 , 0)



Hi Dan,
That has been fixed in the code about a week ago and should be in the next wip.

Thanks, I’ll test again when it’s released.

You were right @DanBayn, there is a problem. We’re working on it.

RH-42026 is fixed in the latest WIP

Looks good now. Thanks for fixing this.