Problem when using the geometry from Kangaroo again with Karamba 3D

Hello everyone,
I would like to optimize the geomtry I got from Kangaroo with Karamba 3D again. This did not work, maybe someone has an idea how I can connect this together. I tried with (Data Dam) but something went wrong.


Hi, please refer to this tutorial: Karamba3D Tidbits #30 Membrane Formfinding on Vimeo

I’ve seen the Viedio

I will be very grateful if you can help me and show me how to do it. i have tried everything but the right solution. i am a bit lost.
01 Project.3dm (33.1 KB)
01 (35.1 KB)


Did you check the mesh component that is currently red? You have data in the mesh input which is not a mesh. This is why it is red.

You just have lines .
you dont have any mesh.

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should the support points actually only be the 4 points at the bottom or are the points all needed on the edge beam?

01 Project.3dm (27.7 KB)
01 (32.0 KB)