Meshes are not connected together in Karamba3D

Hi dears
I’m trying to optimize slab thicknesses using Karamba3D , but the problem is that the meshes don’t connect together, I want the meshes to be connected together but have separate thicknesses. I use the Mesh Breps component but I don’t know where the mistake is.

Also, correct me if I’m mistaken, I have walls in my model, but I wanted to replace it with line support, instead, I added multiple points and added some columns to it and fixed the bases. Is Karamba supports adding line support ?? and What is the best way to make a shear wall in it ?

DWC (71.4 KB)
DWC TRIALS.3dm (915.5 KB)

I’ve attached the rhino and GH file

You need to make sure adjacent meshes share the same vertex otherwise they will not be connected. You can see that with the deformation figure, only the shells which touch at the vertexes are connected. Supports for shells can be defined by selecting the vertex points at which these are the points for the support input.

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Wow, thanks for quick reply Mathew.
But to make sure they’re connected, what steps should I follow in general, I mean, I always include any odd points in my Inclusion Points, should I do the same for the vertices at the edges too ?

usually if you use the MeshBreps component in Karamba with a flattened list of surfaces, then the vertices will be generated as though they touch.