Texture drag and drop crash


With an empty file, only opening texture tab, and from finder drag and drop file inside, Rhino crash immediately.
It works well by adding texture using + icon

Thank you for fixing

Hi @antoine-

I’m able to reproduce this in 6.17, but not in 6.18. Can you please switch to the 6.18 Release Candidate and test there to make sure this crash is fixed?

It looks to me like the drag-and-drop fails into the panel (but without a crash), but does work if you drag it onto the viewport and select “Textures”

Hi @dan

Thank you, with the 6.18 it react as for you, no crash onto the panel, but fails, and work into the viewport.

It follows with an another post i made, because, when adding a texture into diffuse (or other) channel of a new material, the amount %, does not works… even changing value, nothing change, maybe could you try on your side…

Thank you

That sounds like a separate topic for a separate thread? Can you please point me to the right spot?

Hi Dan,

Here is the topic