Problem Surface (Bad Object)

I’m trying to patch the head of this ring up and no matter how I create the blend surfaces it gives me a bad object error when I join it up. Anyone have an idea?

BadSrfPatch.3dm (717.2 KB)

try using _BlendCrv at edges 1 & 2

then make the surface with _Sweep2 :

turns out valid & (i think) smooth like that.

(trim off the bit at the bottom afterwards)

Hi Eric - zoom way in on the tip of that little triangular surface - see how it is not quite on the end of the edges nearby? Turn on points and snap that tip point to the end of the edges,

In addition, it looks like you will need to

  1. matchSrf for Position the egdes of this little surface to the adjacent edges.
  2. Extract, DupBorder, Untrim and retrim with the border curves the central conical surface- I get that thing going bad when I Join (ExtractBadSrf)


Hey Pascal,

I went back, rebuilt everything making sure that the two surfaces were split at the same point. I used BlendSrf to generate the transition surface. Same problem as before. If I zoom way in on the blend srf, I see that where I expect coincidental points, they are not:

I used SetPt to make them coincident and was able to join without getting a bad object.

BadSrfPatch2.3dm (542.3 KB)