Problem importing display Modes

Version 6 WIP (6.14.19043.12076, 2019-02-12)

Having an issue importing display modes form website.
Is importing v6 display modes supported?

I get the display mode ini file from Advanced Rhino Display Modes [McNeel Wiki]
In the Preferences/Display Modes settings, I click the drop down to import and nothing is imported.

Are these files like the Patent Mode supported?
Is there any way of manually loading the ini file?
Bug or is it just my configuration?

We’ve been having problems with this. Sometimes they load, sometimes they don’t…it seems to depend on how the ini file is formatted.

This is logged in RH-49144 and I’ve put it on @stevebaer’s list because I suspect it is a problem in the ini parsing code.

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I was looking through the developer responses on YouTrack RH-49144. I saw mention of removing the first blank line of code in the ini file, but It seemed to be hit or miss to making that work. Text editor only showed a single blank line above the code, which was different than an ini file that would load correctly. I was able to go into my source editor (Atom) and remove an additional line of code above the space that only the Atom editor showed. The extra line contained these symbols ��. I remove the extra blank line as well and the line with the �� symbols. The ini files imported for me once I removes these 2 line from the file.

Not sure if this helps, but editing the files from all loaded once I made these changes.

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Thanks Jason for pointing those �� symbols out. I get the same behavior as you when I remove those from the faulty ini files. I’d like to figure out how they got there.

Any update on this?

Hi Simon -
Does this help - Using Rhino for Windows Display Modes in Rhino for Mac [McNeel Wiki]

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Absolutely! Thanks.