Problem culling item with domain / ImageSampler

Hi everyone,

I’m new to image sampler, I try to draw this galaxy with circle witch is good

Due to fabrication limit I need to cull all the circles that are between 0 and 0.1
I manage to do It with this technique,

But I really don’t know why when I plug the data coming out of Cull Pattern give me this result…

I’ve tried different combination of flattening or grafting but no result !

If someone have an idea !

Gh definition with internalized data. (1.5 MB)

Not behind a pc right now but: Why not simply create a cull pattern from the remapped values <0.1 and then cull the circles with that pattern after they are created. (1.5 MB)

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Thanks to both of you !

@HS_Kim solution is better, removing the unused data before feeding into the circles.