Image sampling/Cull specificd items from a list

Dear Forum,

I am learning about Patterning using the image sampler component and I have encountered problems when trying to manipulate the data output.

Please find the definition below:

The output of the image sampler guides the radius of circles and produces such a pattern.

The large circles (with a radius of 1.0) are messing up my pattern.

As you can find from the selected panel, the radius of circles are between the values of 0.0s and 1.0 included. I would like to delete all of the 0s and 1s while maintain the order of the items in the rest of the list. A bit like pulling drop blocks.

I had tried using cull index and failed.

I think there is probably a way to for example, retain data within a domain of 0 < x < 1 so that 0 and 1 values are left off except everything in between but I could not find a way to do this. Or maybe there is some other ways.

It would be good to do domains as I could adjust it to suit more purposes.

Any one got an idea? I really appreciate any helps ~ Thank you.