Problem adapting gh structure to a cut surface


This is the first proyect that I am making in Rhino/grasshopper, so I really apprecieate If someone can give me some advice

I am trying to make an arm cast, with a voronoi surface. I scanned an arm and made a surface from it in Rhino.
The arm cast consist in two pieces that will be joined, the thing with the voronoi structure is that if I apply the code of gh in my surface and cut the solid I will be cutting through holes and that will make my cast less resistent, so I though of cutting the arm surface in a half ( I managed to do It with the Contour and Trim commands using a intersection plane) and apply the gh code on both surface

The problem gets when I applied it, because gh make my voronoi structure as if the surface of the arm were complete ( It is like I didn’t cut it at all)

If someone can orientate my I would be very gratefull

Thank you
Morphed (48.2 KB)
s2.3dm (1.4 MB)
s1.3dm (2.3 MB)
2703.3dm (16.2 MB)


if you turn points on for your trimmed arm cast surface, you’ll see that the untrimmed surface still is present. I would suggest to re-create the lofted surface with the rebuild option first, so you don’t get such an ugly result.

Then do not trim the whole arm cast surface but use _Split using the _Isocurve option and _Shrink=Yes. The goal is to create both arm cast surfaces so they are untrimmed. Then it looks better. You may use the _Dir command and _SwapUV to control the direction of the surfaces.

ArmCast.3dm (261.0 KB)


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Thank you so much!

I will try this