Scriptable PDF Export

Hi everyone,
I’m really in need for a scriptable PDF Export.

So far everything I’ve tried is not really working.
I got it all automated up until the point where the Dialog of the PDF Printer (Cute PDF I believe) pops up and I need to klick “OK” to save the file.

I can only set the PDF file name, by saving the Rhino File beforehand under that name, since the PDF File will be named according to the file name (Even though it would make more sense in cases of several layouts to name the file according to the layout.) – So I got my workaround for the file name.
But - Changing the paper size during PDF creation is not really working, since PDF export doesn’t take the Rhino layout size, but the last defined Paper Size.

I need to create PDF plans out of around 1000 Rhino Files each with between 12-27 Layouts in varying Paper formats.
It would be great to somehow get around clicking the OK button 12.000 to 27.000 Times and having to filter for Paper Formats before Export (Export all A0 Plans – change the Paper Size in the PDF Printer – Export all A1 Plans – change Paper Size in PDF Printer ,….)

Does anyone have any suggestions to solve the Problem? (Except hiring an intern for the Job :wink: )


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Hi Martin,

Did you investigate different PDF printers? I’m pretty ignorant on the matter yet my curiosity made me google for scriptable PDF printers and I found some potential candidates.
(I might be sending you on a wild goose chase, if so I’m sorry :wink:)

Maybe :


Hi Willem,

my current workflow is to use the Rhino Command Line and “Script” the output from Rhino Common.

I do that with “Export”, and “Save” as DWG, STEP etc., since - as far as I know that is the only way to get it automated right now. (At least it’s the easiest way from what I hear).

In the case with CutePDF McNeel has taken care of WHAT to send to the Printer - the HOW it is saved is not completely accessable through CommandLine Commands.

To use one of the external PDF Printers you mention to access the HOW is probably easier, but then I would have to solve the WHAT and that is a quite complicated task.


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Don’t use CutePDF. Use Bullzip to suppress dialog box (you will need to checkbox couple of settings in it).

Use Rhino Print command with needed properties to output, then move and rename the file as needed.

This Thread may be of some use Martin, not sure about the different page sizes though.

This looks very promissing.

Won’t be able to tackle it today - (Other deadlines to meet) but I will try to wrap my head around it once they are done.