Print to Rhino PDF - JPG quality

There are no settings for the JPG quality in Rhino’s PDF export driver, are there?
At closer look, lots of compression artifacts are visible.

Are there plans to implement this by any chance?

Hi Eugen -
Both the Print -> PDF and Export -> PDF dialogs have a setting for the resolution:


Hello! Thanks, I know. What I find strange is that compression quality and resolution are intermingled.
I might be satisfied with a resolution of 300dpi, but not with the artifacts that are then generated automatically - which in this case are quite strong, and unusable for final quality actually.
Adobe PDF for example has both resolution and compression quality.
Would it be much work to expose that parameter in RhinoPDF, too?

Hi - could you post a simple scene that illustrates the issue?

jpg artifacts.pdf (307.2 KB)

Sure. Try three hatches like so. Rhino PDF, 300dpi.
jpg artifacts.3dm (80.6 KB)

To put the lid on this: in Rhino 7, no more JPG artifacts appear - but also no anti-aliasing.
Also, resolutions higher than 600dpi can be used. Cool, thanks!!

Out of curiosity: which compression is now used for raster PDFs? Some lossless one?