Print Rhino vectors to Trotec laser cutter

Greetings - Printing to Trotec from Rhino creates a Trotec ascii .tsf file - which is human-readable.
Depending on the data to be processed, this file will be a bitmap for engraving or vector coordinates for cutting or a combination of both.

The problem I’m seeing is printing vectors from Rhino to Trotec results in a bitmap .tsf file - no vector
coordinates for cutting. Don’t need to actually fire up the machine and try cutting - just view the .tsf file in a text reader - all bitmap. I’ve discussed the problem with Trotec support.

The/a workaround:
Print the vector (or combo) job to Rhino PDF and drag the PDF file into CorelDraw. Check that vectors are set to hairline and correct RGB colors then print to Trotec from CorelDraw. This produces a viable Trotec .tsf file.

I find that Rhino PDF doesn’t allow for a custom window less than 1.0 x 1.0 inches for small parts but
this can be resolved when sending the PDF job from CorelDraw to Trotec Job Control - the custom window can be sized as desired.


Tom Longtin

Rhino 6
Trotec Job Control 11
4K monitor - for which Trotec’s JC GUI is not entirely compatible.

Dunno, when I worked with my Epilog, the Print dialog invoked the Epilog driver which itself distinguished between raster and vector (any line width over .175mm is raster). No need to do anything else except set up the driver correctly and have the correct line widths in the Rhino file. No intermediate stages.

I have friends who have Trotec’s and they have not complained to me of any problems in this regard, I can ask them - but I’m on vacation and won’t be back until Friday.

Hi @tlongtin,
In our fab lab we have two trotecs and always just print pdfs from rhino and then using job control with pdfs, no need for any ascii files.

We sometimes had problems with specific colours an the driver f.e. red(255,0,0) was always read as raster, regardless of the underlying line thickness.

Maybe try switching the colors of your vectors? This solved it for us. Hope to help

Thanks - afaik Trotec JobControl feeds on .tsf (Trotec Spool File) format. Interested to see how JC reads PDF.

Trotec offers a PDF converter called UniDrive:

which claims:
The PS Converter is a program that converts files created in different formats to the “Trotec Spool File” format. This enables you to use these files in Trotec JobControl for engraving your jobs.

Am making inquiry to Trotec.