Print Problem

When I try to print my project from Rhino, I get a message from the printer telling me the file is corrupt. If I power cycle the printer, it will print the file, but only once. It then begins giving the same message on subsequent prints.

If I print to pdf, that works consistently, and I am in turn able to print from the resulting pdf, but not from Rhino.

I have not encountered printing problems with any other application I use.

I have a late-model Mac with most recent OS. I have a new HP LaserJet Pro.

This issue is reproducible over and over again.

Anyone seen this? rex

For us to fix this, we’ll need to duplicate the problem. That’s going to take a lot of information about your exact environment.

Let’s start with this much:

Post your Rhinoceros > About Rhinoceros > More into… information so we can see what hardware and software you have.

What is your exact HP printer model?

Please post your 3DM model here or submit it to us using this URL: Reference this Discourse post when you submit the file.

Here you go…
Tender Wheel.3dm (237.8 KB)

5.1 (5B161)
en (MacOS default)
Version 10.11.3 (Build 15D21)

MacBookPro 11,3
Intel Core i7-4850HPQ CPU @ 2.30 GHz
16 GB
Intel 64 bit
NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB
2048 MB
1440 x 900, 1920 x 1200

Color LaserJet Pro MFP M477fdw

I tried a simple print test with your model on my HP LaserJet Pro 400 Printer M401dne. I know it is not the same printer as yours, but I thought that I might duplicate the error with a similar printer. Your model printed and did not show an error dialog.

Does this error happen with other Rhino models?

Does this model produce errors on other printers?

Can you provide a screen shot of the dialog? I have never seen this kind of error and don’t know if OS X or HP is creating the error dialog.

Marlin, I’ll check out some of your questions.

The error message comes up on the printer display.


Marlin, rest easy, I’m having the same problem with the printer on other applications. Glad I spent so much $ for this printer. :slight_smile: thanks much