Print Layouts to PDF - bug - Any view I try to print, the top view appears

Hi David,
Thanks for to fix the display problem.( GH Bug layout display
I have a similar problem when I try to print a layout to a pdf file.
I attached the rhino (Quotatura_A00 - R6.3dm) e .gh (Bug print file to simulate the problem.
The pdf printed file (Quotatura_A00 - R6.pdf) , with the bug and the print screen (Quotatura print-screen.jpg) without the error.
Any view I try to print, the top view appears !
the same with view capture to clipboard and view capture to file.

The files …Cantilever.jpg show a more complex example .
Thanks, FabioQuotatura_A00 - R6.3dm (88.4 KB)
Quotatura_A00 - R6.pdf (88.3 KB)

Bug print (210.3 KB)
Bug print (210.3 KB)

@stevebaer you fixed the print display pipeline bug a while back, is this another manifestation of the same underlying bug?

Looks like it. Did you test this in the latest build?

Hi Steve,
I’ using this build:

I think Steve meant your Rhino build.

I was actually asking you David since I wasn’t going to try and repeat the problem if you already tried :slight_smile: That’s fine, it looks like this is happening in a very recent build so I’ll take a look.

No I didn’t, at home with only an iPad at the moment.

I have the
Version 6 SR8
6.8.18240.20051, 8/28/2018
Not for resale Lab

Hi David and Steve,
to better describe the situation:
my customer has Rhino 5, so I was using a Rhino 5
(Version 5 SR14 64-bit (5.14.522.8390, 22/05/2017)
with Grasshopper Build 0.9.0076

I found the printing to .pdf problem, so I try the GH code with Rhino 6;
but I obtained the same printing error.

My customer is conscious to have to upgrade to Rhino 6 obviously!

Hi David,
is there any news about the printing layout problem?
Thanks, Fabio

Hi David and Steve,
Thanks a lot !
The problem is solved with the new SR 6.9.18271.2059120591

Here it is the correct print layout:
Quotatura_A00 - R6.pdf (670.8 KB)

Thanks again,

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