GH Bug layout display

GH data seems to appears on layouts at 1/1scale overlapping all detail viewport.
This wasn’t the case before the last update. Consequently i can’t print any layout anymore.
@DavidRutten any idea?

Logged under RH-46793.

Fixed and awaiting testing.

Many thanks great reactivity! Could we expect an RC in the day?
Best Regards

I fixed it in the 6.x branch, which will eventually become the Rhino 6.7 service release. I’m actually still somewhat confused about the exact relationship between code branches and update schedules we are using these days. I asked on the internal chatroom so hopefully there’ll be a response when I get back from the bike-repair shop.

It should become publicly available June 26th, provided you are on the Service Release Candidate update schedule.

Hi David,
Thanks for to fix the real time display problem.
I have the same problem when I try to print a layout to a pdf file.
I attached the rhino (Quotatura_A00 - R6.3dm) e .gh (Bug print file to simulate the problem.
The pdf printed file (Quotatura_A00 - R6.pdf) , with the bug and the print screen (Quotatura print-screen.jpg) without the error.
Any view I try to print, the top view appears !
the same with view capture to clipboard and view capture to file.

The files …Cantilever.jpg show a more complex example .
Thanks, Fabio

Quotatura_A00 - R6.3dm (88.4 KB)
Quotatura_A00 - R6.pdf (88.3 KB)
Bug print (210.3 KB)