Save print settings

Hi all,
It looks like this might be an issue in Rhino 8 Beta. I just started using it and noticed that some of my print settings are reset to default between print commands while in the same file. Specifically, the “print selected” option. I didn’t check all of them.

Here is the link to the same issue back in '17 with Rhino 6.

Print dialog settings not saved - Serengeti (Rhino 8 BETA) - McNeel Forum

Really enjoying the new features and look so far!!

Apologies, it must have gotten fixed in the last update. I just used it again and now it works fine.
I forgot I installed an update the last time I closed things down.


@JesseOgburn thanks for the report. Yes, more of the print settings are being restored between prints, but some are still not being restored after a Rhino restart. I’m focused on making that happen again as well as implementing anything the print dialog has regressed on, while at the same time adding new functionality. So please keep the reports coming on things you notice. The reports are very helpful.

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