"Primer" For Topology Optimization

Hello All,
I want to get into Topology Optimization, and do some basic work in GH_Python. Here is my question, I am not equipped to right a full blown script, but I want a few streams of “input data” to construct some sort of basic algorithm that utilizes some sort of stream of topology information.

For example, a simple plugin that allows me to input force constraints and pressure, and then returns some sort of data that will allow me to construct a pattern from that.

Any ideas? The goal is to make a custom algorithim with as little 3rd party input as possible.

So I have this script here which I am playing around with:

but now I need an “input” some type of information to optimize towards.

I guess what I am asking is can I use a plugin like: TOPOS, but only use on the components, such as “surface load”, to construct my own optimization tool?

Am I asking the wrong question? Basically I want to write a custom component that does some sort of structural optimization, whatever that may be.

from what I understand for topology optimization it is used for making structural parts. You will find on internet many example of structural loads (inputs) and he constrains. For example there was something in Grabcad

For the core of the optimization you will need some Finite Element Modelling.

So that’s all for me.

What is your Grasshopper question ? Because if you want to write a custom component. You just have to write it !

Thanks for your reply. Yes I understand what it is. Obviously there are many great components out there. What I want to do is take a stab (just for fun) on writing something of my own. What that would entail exactly I don’t know. But I figure the first step is to get some FEA information from an existing component, as raw data or w/e and then move from there.

The goal is to simply get some practice using PYTHON while pursuing something I think is really cool…

You have some discussion on this subjects + tools on food4rhino …

Yea ive looked through most, I guess what I would really Need is simple FEA analysis that I can map onto a UV map.

U:10,V:10 == 12units
U:8,V:4 == 4units etc…

that I can build from there how I want to proceed…

also any good PDF’s on the subject?

I was thinking that perhaps I could utilize a program like Fusion, and export an analyzed part, but preserve the color mapping? Then extract the parameters from the color map in GH?

Have a look at Millipede https://www.grasshopper3d.com/group/millipede . As far as I know, it’s the only it’s the only volumetric FEA solver built into Grasshopper. Karamba, Kiwi, and others are built for AEC structural application and really only deal with linear (beam) and planar (plate) elements. They’re not terribly useful if you’re dealing with a complex sculpted solid mass.

Millipede also has it’s own topology optimization algo so you could even compare your own work to the built in one.

Besides that, you could use other solvers that aren’t currently integrated in Grasshopper. OpenFOAM comes to mind. It’s partially integrated in the Butterfly components but they have focused on the CFD aspects, you might be able to build on top of their work and integrate the solid mechanics solver. I’m not entirely familiar with either topology optimization and the solid mechanics solver for OpenFOAM but I think the solver is volumetric so you don’t need to deal with meshing headaches and topology optimization methods seem to revolve around volumetrics as well.

You could always look at integrating other FEA solvers that are commonly used in engineering applications such as Ansys, or open sourced solvers like Code:Aster or Elmer. Though that would be a serious undertaking.

hmmm… i wonder if I can directly just export a fusion file with the color mapping and work from there. Or another platform.