Preview mesh is a mess / Baked mesh is OK

Preview mesh :

Baked mesh :

Something’s going on with mesh preview in that model.
I use MeshMachine ; that’s the only thing I can think of that could produce this…

Invalid mesh doens‘t get baked.

Well, it’s not “bad”, it’s just not the mesh I am expecting.

I would say you created an invalid mesh. That’s why the mid part of your structure doens‘t get baked. Without seeing your script, nobody can help you.

If I internalize a part of the definition generating the problem, the mesh mess disappears :

Unfortunately, I can’t share this definition here, but I forwarded it to the programmers-that-be.

This happens to many of us in the office now with Rhino6, on different projects with different kinds of how the mesh was generated in grasshopper.

I think it has nothing to do with Invalid Meshes.

Also, sometimes it helps if you just recalculate a couple of components - the meshes get previewed nicely then. Just to to become messed up in the next recalculation.

It would be great if McNeel investigated, it can be quite a bit annoying.


I also get occasionally the same issue. I think it has to do with preview even if meshes are valid. One time I get preview of messy preview of meshes and if I plug the same gh wire for recalculation it is displayed correctly. It usually results for me if I do something with multiple meshes, while applying the same methods for each mesh at a time it displays well.

Happens to me also, usually recalculating fixes it. It is annoying tho.