Pressing Option while dragging for copy


just opening this for discussion is all - it’s not hampering my work or anything like that.

for the people that have rhino for mac available, drag an object and press the option key in order to copy it.

does it seem as if you have to press it too fast in order to toggle copy?

i actually think it’s sort of fun to employ my ninja skills to get a copy but maybe others won’t feel the same or miss the possibility altogether?

that said, i do actually prefer it as a toggle instead of the more typical press&hold behavior in osx

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Jeff - the window is indeed pretty short for toggling copying on drag … it was somewhat longer previously, but it got in the way of some users’ ability to suspend osnaps quickly while dragging so it was shortened. Those complaints have gone away, there is now a new set… On balance, the current setting seems a bit better for most people so far, even if not ideal.



ah… yeah… i see what you’re saying regarding the osnap suspension and on that note, i think the balance is ok.

probably the best thing is when it gets closer to release date and the literature is being made etc-- make sure to point out that the option key is a toggle as opposed to what many osx users might be expecting. (i.e.- what made me bring this up was that i was trying to move some files around earlier and kept trying to copy as if i were in rhino… it had a backwards effect on me… sort of like trying to orbit a 2d image after modeling for a few hours :slight_smile: