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As best as possible I try to enable Element Tracking so that I can keep a link between Rhino and Revit. But there are times when I need to make a wholesale replacement of a lot of geometry across several categories. It’s common that I have added a lot of dimensions and tags to on sheets. In order to preserve dimensions I typically do NOT add a dimension directly to an object but to a separate Reference Plane or Detail Line.

However, when it comes to tags things get a bit harder. Can you suggest a workflow that would allow me to quickly ‘re-tag’ items in Views? For example, if I had all my columns tagged in a plan view then I replace all of those columns with nearly identical (or identical but with different parameters and a new GUID) geometry in the same place, is there a way to say “ok, there was an object in this space that was tagged in this view before so I’m going to tag this new object that now occupies this space”.



Hi Lignindes,

You can test if a column is tagged by using the elements dependents component with a filter.

find elements not (11.1 KB)

Thanks for this, it will be useful to know what elements are tagged. But is there also a way that I could expand on this to tag ‘future’ objects that occupy the same space?

@lignindes if I understood you correctly you are deleting old columns and creating new ones in your script, but not using the tracking system.

I think we can provide a ‘Move Tag’ component that allows you to move the tags before deleting the old columns.

Or I understood it wrong and sometimes the column change its ID unexpectedly?

If is the second case would be nice to understand why this happens and see if we can automatically move the tags before it happens.

The method i provided provides any untagged columns in a list as the document changes, which could then be tagged.

Note that there is now a Reference Annotations component returns tag & dimensions per Element and View.

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Here is a draft of a post that I didn’t get around to sending:

@kike yes, you are correct. I am deleting old columns and creating new ones. When the old columns are deleted the tags also disappear.

I think it would help if there was a ‘Tagged in View Filter’ to this group of Filters:


Then a user could pass in a list of views and a list of elements to find out which elements are tagged in which views.

This new component is doing just what I had in mind! Thanks @Japhy and @kike

Hi lignindes,

Those filters are methods supplied by Revit API.

Creating a combination of filters for particular workflows is up to the user.