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I have two sets of curves. I am looking to achieve the following,

I started by dividing the two curves by equal sets of points.

Now, I would like to create a plane that passes through point 1 on both the curves, where the plane remains perpendicular to the curves. I tried connecting them with lines, but how do you get the planes this way, I really dont know and could use some help, please.

I have attached the curves for your consideration and I hope the question and the illustrations are clear enough.

Thank You for your help

Use curve derivatives component, and construct xyplane from one of derivatives and your line segment.

Sorry for the late response, but I didn’t really understand. Do you mean something like this?

I am very new to this function and maybe I don’t understand it that well but the planes will be in one direction. I tried plugging in the derivatives but they just pile up at the origin. How to pursue this, please help.

Thank You (12.1 KB)

One of options, here derivative just helps to point a plane z axis according to curve direction (10.4 KB)

I think I understand something. I am gonna try and use this often and if I have any questions I hope I can reach you again.

Thank You so much for your help