Preferred Method for Creating an Illustration

What is the preferred method for creating an illustration for a document (e.g., Word, Indesign) from a 2d Drawing in Rhino?

I’ve tried exporting to Illustrator but the text comes out all funky. I am wondering what the best way to do this is.

The prefered method is your prefered method… My prefered method is to export to AI format. I make the text inside Indesign or illustrator. If a long or complex text should be kept unchanged, I vectorize (explode) it before.

Here is a 2d drawing I made in Rhino

and here is how it looks in illustrator.


  • Text wrapping has disappeared.
  • Double quotes have become garbage.
  • Degree symbols in angular dimensions are FUed.
  • Angle lines in angular dimensions disappear

There’s got to be something that goes directly to a usable illustration