Potential Problem Notification for "unexpected" History update possible?


I usually have History On.

But when doing say, SplitEdge(this is when I have the most problem…), the command will impact to the surfaces created before (…though of course this is what history does…and is not “unexpected”… but just in the blind spot).

But the impact sometimes is small that I don’t notice it and go further along, when I notice I need to go back to that point and redo after historypurge.

Is it possible to have some warning if a surface is impacted when doing splitedge? Just simple not on command line is fine… “something like 1surface imapcted from splitedge”

On the line of historypurge, I do historypurge _All right before doing splitedge but sometimes want to keep some object’s history, anyway to exclude purge from selected objects?

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hello - by default HistoryPurge asks for a selection. “All” is an option. But, for the very reason of avoiding what you describe, it seems somewhat risky to keep history recording on all the time - use History when you need it, I would say.Note you can toggle the History recording state by prefixing the command witrh “#”.




I didn’t know that.
That’s a useful tip! Thanks as always.