Possible to open with just Perspective Viewport by default?

Is there anyway to have Rhino open new and existing documents with just the Perspective Viewport showing?

If you save your template with just the perspective viewport open, new documents that are based on this will do the same. Existing documents - you’ll just have to make sure you exit with just the perspective viewport open. If that doesn’t cut it, you could put a startup script in your rhino, forcing the viewport state to be as you wish.

@wim If I understand you correctly, you’re saying I should used “Save as template…”. But when I try that, it says it’s not implemented.

re existing documents: closing them with just the Perspective Viewport showing seems to have no impact on how they look when they open: still 4 viewports.

re startup script: is there some way to have a script start up automatically when I start Rhino, or when I open a new document?

On Mac I’m afraid that none of this is possible yet as far as I know… There is no template file implementation and MacRhino will always open in 4 view. View stuff will get taken care of later…


Sorry about that!

Really looking forward to being able to filter out categories…
(and, until then, that the colors don’t change too often)

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FWIW, the easiest way is to open Rhino then click the green ‘expand’ button in your perspective viewport. This is probably less clicks than going to file / open from templates then selecting the right file. If this is all you need. If you want some layers named & coloured to something specific, then possible a Python script.
Templates are implemented on OSX, see attached screenshot, it is just that they will be deleted with each update. I used to save a folder called Templates (somewhere else) with my files then move it to correct folder after each new WIP, but now I just have python scripts to open up a file the way I like, even selecting another file to insert / import.
Right-click Rhinoceros in Applications and select ‘Show Contents’.

I hope this helps, Randy