Possible define an image and assign to a material?

@nathanletwory Thanks alot for your in-memory texture sample.

I’m having some trouble getting it to update the texture each time I run the command. It seems to generate a custom texture the first time, then reload the same one even if the supplied bitmap has changed.

If I modify the mapping channel, it seems to update once, but then reloads that new bitmap when its called again.

//rtex.SetProjectionMode(TextureProjectionMode.WcsBox, RenderContent.ChangeContexts.Ignore);
rtex.SetProjectionMode(TextureProjectionMode.MappingChannel, RenderContent.ChangeContexts.Ignore);

The RDK writes one or more versions of any texture that is used. If you add a procedural texture to a material you’ll find that you get an image in tmp for that procedural as well - it is also just a memory/on-the-fly texture.

Where would this sample be saving these images? Maybe if I clear this folder, as @clement suggested.

I’d like to use this sample as a workaround to the memory issues with Displaybitmaps noted here