Can I assign a bitmap to a material with out saving the image?

Hi @dale or whom it may concern.
Is it possible to assign a processed bitmap to a material without having to save the bitmap to a file first?
I would like to height analyze a mesh, generate a bitmap and assign it to the mesh with out having to save the image. (Kind of what Pasting an image into Rhino from the clipboard does)


@nathanletwory - is this something you can help with?

Let me search the old memory bitmap texture example I have somewhere. Posted I think twice to this forum.

edit: fun fact, you asked this before and I answered:

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:smile::star_struck: I blame that on me having covid right now! (But the truth is that I forget, and I had totally forgotten sbout the memory bitmap part as I there and later used the save bitmap to file approach!)

Thanks, I’ll see if this is less complex to understand now!

in that case you should be resting! Get better soon :vulcan_salute:

I am, thus the long response time :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks though!