PopUp Menu Keyboard Assignment

I would like to assign a keyboard shortcut to the popup menu . What should i type in the alias section under my new keyboard shortcut. I cant get ! _PopUpMenu to work . So im doing something stupid.

Anyone help me to assign the S key to the popup menu in V7.

Can it be done?

Apologies for my ignorance :frowning:

I made a few tries and this worked for me:


Many thanks for that . I have it working on the S key and without the enter at the end as i have to still do the function enter.

Is their anyway of getting it to just operate on the enter key as im trying to continue using the mouse without taking my hand off.

The reason Iā€™m asking is i want to buy the plugin for MMB operation in manipulating the model around the mouse which is a time saver, but it takes out the function for popup.

I think im basically after working out how to enter a command without entering the enter key.

At the moment though its a massive help thank you very much.


well you can try assigning that macro to one of those keys :

in my case every time I hit the Home key is by mistake trying to press delete haha

I have also tried this:
! _PopupToolbar popup _enter _EnterEnd

i thought the EnterEnd command would work.

I cant get it to work

Iā€™m not sure but I think EnterEnd is not part of the language for macros

PopupToolbar popup

assign to F4 key works with my assigned s key in alias, perfect.

Brilliant .

Thank you so much.


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