Populate surface with points with minimum distance conditions


I want to populate an irregular shape/surface with points, and I want those points to have a given minimum distance x to the surface’s boundaries, as well as a minimium distance y to each other. I then want the surface filled to the maximum within these conditions.

I’m attending a beginner course for Grasshopper, but I’m not at all familiar with all the terms and lingo yet, so I apologize if the answer to this could have been easily searched for online.

Hi @andyans and welcome.
This sort of ‘circle packing’ problem generally requires an iterative approach, meaning you will probably need to use either Kangaroo or scripting.
If you search for circle packing on this forum you will find lots more examples.
Here’s a simple one:
(You’ll need to adjust the count to get the right number of circles to fill your shape. The seed value controls the randomized starting positions, so you can change this to get a different packing)
circlepackregion.gh (14.3 KB)

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