Beginner guide? populate objects with some parameters

Hi All,
Today I’m in the middle of a task that seems like a case to use grasshopper for the first time in a real project.
I did some tutorials but I usually don’t face situations like this where a more advanced tool is necessary.
The main idea is that I have to populate circles of a certain dimensions inside a closed area defined by two curves, and I need to figure out how to organize those circles having a specific distance between them.

I started the way I know by creating rails and doing some reference offset curves to see how much can be placed at each area, but I feel that this process is extremely time consuming, and that it might be a good case for grasshopper.

Can anyone give me a clue of this is the case and where to start?

The real job is with spheres but as it is a flat surface I assume that the process would be exactly the same.


Kangaroo is pretty good at stacking a bunch of spheres into a closed region. There’s a lot of iteration involved so it’s unlikely you can do it in vanilla GH.

Here’s some stuff I did with Kangaroo a while ago:

It’s been a while though and I no longer have those files.

Thanks David! I’ll take a look, very interesting examples.

Real circle-packing can do better… this simply filters a hexagonal pattern. (21.6 KB)

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Thanks Joseph for this, it seems that I’ll have to study a bit more before using this kind of approach.
I don’t have much time to learn, but after appreciating the potential for some cases, this is something I’ll do for sure.