Populate shape with words


I would like to know how is it possible to randomly populate the same word lets say the word “go” inside a shape. is there an easy way of doing it? I was also thinking to have a way to control the density of the number of words inside the shape.

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I think PopulateGeometry is what you’re looking for:

Luiscarlospp.gh (14.4 KB)

Something like that ?

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thank you for the example. its close but some things to notice:

  • I wanted to put this letters inside another letter. In letters like “A” the inner triangle also takes the word “go” and it shouldn’t
  • how can I choose the font and control the size of the font
  • the words “go” are intersecting each other. is it possible to avoid this?

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You surely could use a nesting program to do that

with some script to make concave hull (convex if you want)

and some script to output letter in geometry

That’s all

nesting words.gh (25.6 KB)


Hi. Still didnt manage to find the best way to make a shape filled with one word in a random way, also with random sizes, choose the font and to avoid that the words intersect each others.

something like the image below but with the same word, same colour.

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I think this can be created with photoshop or illustrator

Manually? :sweat_smile:

to get what you exactly want you must always did some steps manually


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text packing.gh (56.1 KB)

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I have been trying to solve a couple of things for my idea. What I haven’t managed yet to solve is:

  • I would like the words to stay within the boundaries of the big word GO
  • I would like for the words not to intersect each other
  • I would like to control the dimension of the small GO and the big GO ( so from how small to how big they can be )
  • to have randomly 5 different fonts

the idea is to have even more words inside the mask like:

as you can see this becomes quite messy and not very dynamic.

any suggestions on how to achieve this?

GO.gh (123.9 KB)

thank you again :slight_smile:

I think you should create circles around the texts than use kangaroo , there is a thread here about nesting circles with kangaroo will help you

I did that and it seems not too bad for what he wants.


ahah Looks super nice the image Laurent :slight_smile: