Populate 2D wish

Could Populate 2D be made so as to populate any closed planar curve - not just a rectangular area? I could imagine just getting the plane-aligned bounding box of the curve and populating that with an increasing number of points until the desired number of “in” points is reached, but I assume the bigger brains could probably invent a more efficient method…

Thanks, --Mitch

Hi Mitch,

“Populate Geometry” component can be used for irregular shaped curves:

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Ah, of course, I used it just with the curve, totally spaced the surface possibility… :confounded: Thanks… --Mitch

Start with curve, manage multiple points selecting all your curves. Thus run a Graf tree connect. Then drag the line to flatten tree, followed by explode tree. Run the data inside the branch to 2d populate. Just saying might work

Christian Carey