Poor performance opening and saving files

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I suspect I’m getting poor performance when opening and saving files on my local hard drives. Sure, the files are quite large (1-3 GB) but It’s slower than I’m used to.

I’m on a brand new dell laptop with xeon processor, 64 GB and a P5000 quadro graphics card. I have one SSD and a 7200 magnet drive, and I’ve tested their write speeds with a tool and they report 1000 MB/S and 100 MB/s respectively which both seems to be within what’s expected, no? Bitlocker is enabled.

Is there any way to measure performance within rhino and get a benchmark somehow?


  • Björn

btw, graphics performance in Rhino 6 are insane. I just tried testmaxspeed with this model in Rhino 6 and 5, and what took 427 seconds in Rhino 5, Rhino 6 whipped around in 3.88 seconds.

WOW! What’s going on here?

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Hi @bjornsyse,

I am assuming you are saying that opening a specific, large file in Rhino 6 is slower than when opening the same file in Rhino 5, is that correct?

How much slower? Would it be possible for you to send us the file, or a smaller version of the file which reproduces the problem?

You can upload the file here: https://www.rhino3d.com/upload
Set the recipient e-mail to mine: david.eranen@mcneel.com.


Development efforts paying off :slight_smile:

Actually, for this I wasn’t comparing rhino 5 or 6, I just had the notion things were slower than I expected. Wondered if there was a good way to compare or benchmark or troubleshoot. Rhino 6 or 5.