Polysurface face invisible from one side, visible from the other


Funny bug

looks like there is a hole (which should be there created with makehole command)

from the other side there is not

3D_podchody_levare_zavod.3dm (1.2 MB)

Hi Ivan -
It looks like you are running into some tolerance issues with this one.
To solve this: extract the inside wall that has the shading issue and delete it.
You see that the floor and the bottom surface of the opening are two separate surface.

Select the entire object and run MergeAllFaces. You will see that other co-planar surfaces are merged but not those:

Extract these two and join them. Then run MergeAllFaces again. This will now produce one single object:

When you join that with the rest of the object, you can use Cap to make a closed polysurface that doesn’t have shading issues.

thanks i have resolved it already :slight_smile: i just wanted to point it out.

it is definately related to far from origin though

Thanks, Ivan.

If you happen to have the objects as they were before you used the MakeHole command, we could try and figure out what goes on.