Polysurface as input to Surface component : weird results

Attached is a simple GH definition with a polysurface that results from a revolve of a contour curve. It is part of a propeller hub/shaft arrangement. When this polysurface is used as input to a Surface parameter, the results are weird: a trimmed circular surface. I would expect that a Surface parameter cannot accept a polysurface as input. Is this a bug?

@DavidRutten can you take a look? Thx

shaft_polysurface_surface_fail.gh (3.3 KB)

I’m guessing (won’t know for sure until I get to a genuine computer at the office) that the polysurface yields naked edge curves which are then planar-surfaced. One of those weird confluences of type conversion function feeding off of each other.

Any news? It is indeed a revolved surface that has one planar edge curve.

Rats, keep forgetting.

Yeah I can confirm that the conversion fails from Brep to Surface, so then it tries to convert the original data into a curve, which works because there’s only a single naked edge loop, which then becomes a surface because it is planar and closed.

Ok thanks for confirming that. Is there anything I can do (as user or as developer)?

Try using the Revolve Unsplit component from Pufferfish. It will generate single untrimmed surface even if the input curve has kinks and then you will be able to use it in gh as a surface rather than Brep (if you bake it into Rhino it will bake as a polysurface though unless you turn off crease splitting in Rhino)

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Nope, this is all build in. You can only affect the conversion behaviour of types you yourself define.