Polysufaces to volume

Hello all,

I hope that everything is well.

Please help me to solve this problem. Any suggestions will be great.

Consider 6 surfaces that are closed, and creates a volume as shown in the attached Figure.

I want to represent this as a solid with 3 knot vectors. The output should be a list of three knot vectors and corresnponding control points. It is safe to assume that all surfaces have same degrees.

Now Rhino doesn’t care about the inside space and only boundary surfaces are handled.

Please let me know how can I fill the inside space with control points approrpriately and generate an actual volumetric NURBS solid.

There is an algorithm called “coonsvolume generation” which does the exact same thing but I could not find any implementation of it in either Rhino or GH plugin.

Please let me know where to proceed.


Part.3dm (155.4 KB)