Circular detail view

Quite a straightforward question, is it possible to open a circular Detail view? (instead of a rectiline one?). That would be very useful as I am dealing with scaling management and quite a few drawings [especially layout where I’d like to have a general perspective (rectangle detail view is all good for that) and a zoom on it (meaning a different scale, and a rounded detail view…)]. The only solution I have figured out so far is to duplicate my first drawing, scale it, draw a circle and trim the outside lines, then making a layout of both in one detail view.

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

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Hi Nicolas -

That feature request is on the list as RH-2574 - I’ve added your vote.

A different way of doing that is using a hatch with a hole in that covers a detail.

I created a copy of the Make2D curves in the model space, used a circle to trim, then used that in the viewport of my paper space. Seems a bit quicker than the “negative space hatch method”.

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Then I read the OP’s complete post and felt silly.

This wish was added as for V5 at the beginning.
It was mentioned as V7 to become. Now it’s not in V8 even.
Quite disappointing.

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Wait, is this still true? Rhino still doesn’t have circular or polygonal detail views? Really??