Points plane in a curly surface

can anyone give me some suggestions of how to adjust the plane of these points to perpendicular/tangent of the surface? maybe set all points’ Z axis perpendicular to the surface is a good choice?
points perpendicular.gh (3.6 KB)

points perpendicular.gh (7.2 KB)

Thanks David, that’s great. My question is does the normal direction means perpendicular in GH? and what if I want to use the uv out put but in the new orientation?

and also after your PAJUST the z axis of the new planes are perfectly perforated to the surface, but could you make all X or Y axis parallel to world Z axis or, further more, just let you know I am making rectangular perforation panel in that model, so if I can make the plane rotate 90 degree by their own z axis, from left to right, that would be wonderful