Points on Mesh add a sphere. С#

Hello everyone. i am just starting to learn c # .
help me please. how to snap the display of the Sphere to the point. ?
PointsOnMeshCommand.cs (5.1 KB)

Hi @taraskydon,

Review the following and let me know if you have any questions.

TestTaraskydon.cs (5.6 KB)

– Dale

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Thank you Dale Fugier . but I need to see Sphere in real time.
is it possible?

Have you tried running the code?

Yes. he is good. :+1:
but the Sphere does not follow the point. :eyes:
the sphere is visible after setting the point, I need to see it before bake the point.

Here you go.

TestTaraskydon.cs (6.4 KB)

– Dale

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You are incredible. many thanks.
I hope I can learn C # it is very difficult for me but I will not give up.

SphereOnMeshCommand.cs (9.5 KB)

help me please.
I’ve tried a lot of settings. e.Display.DrawMesh
I cannot figure out how to get the visualization of the sphere. so that it is not visible behind other objects and not inside the object.

I got such a visualization…

but how do I get this visualization. ?

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