I need some help

I am trying to put a sphere in the middle of a cube. When i try to do this it looks in the center at the top view but not the perspective view.

I am new to rino

Hi Lucas- probably easiest, for now, to place a point at the center of the cube - VolumeCentroid is a good way, and then snap the sphere center to that point if you are creating the sphere in place; to move an existing sphere, use the Cen osnap during the ‘Point to move from’ prompt in Move. Cen will snap of your cursor is over the arc that forms the seam-edge of the sphere - this is drawn heavier (2px) by default, to distinguish it from the surface isocurves. See also the Between Osnap ( in Help)

Does any of that help?


Alternately, you could use the Align command with the Concentric option.

I’m just wondering what makes you think that the sphere is not at the center of the cube. Judging something like that in a perspective viewport can be tricky. Are you in wireframe display or rendered?